Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 7II/1 — herjat ‘ravaged’

Haraldr, gǫrva lézt herjat
— hnyggr andskotum, tyggi —
— hvatt rann vargr at vitja
valfalls — Selund alla.
Gekk á Fjón, en fekkat,
fjǫlmennr konungr, hjǫlmum
— brast ríkula ristin
rít — erfiði lítit.

Haraldr, lézt gǫrva herjat alla Selund; hnyggr andskotum, tyggi; vargr rann hvatt at vitja valfalls. Konungr gekk fjǫlmennr á Fjón, en fekkat hjǫlmum lítit erfiði; ríkula ristin rít brast.

Haraldr, you thoroughly ravaged all Sjælland; you crush your enemies, lord; the wolf ran swiftly to visit the fallen carrion. The king advanced with strong numbers on Fyn and gave helmets no little hardship; the richly engraved shield split.



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