Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Valg Har 10II/6 — skein ‘it glowed’

Inn vas í, sem brynni,
iðglíkt séa miðjan,
eldr, þars yðrum helduð,
orms munn, skipum sunnan.
Skeið bar skolpt inn rauða;
skein af golli hreinu;
dreki fór dagleið mikla;
dúfu braut und húfi.

Vas iðglíkt séa inn í miðjan munn orms, sem eldr brynni, þars helduð skipum yðrum sunnan. Skeið bar inn rauða skolpt; skein af hreinu golli; dreki fór mikla dagleið; dúfu braut und húfi.

Looking into the middle of the dragon-ship’s mouth, it was just as if fire was burning where you steered your ships from the south. The warship carried its red skull; it glowed from the pure gold; the dragon-ship sailed a long day’s journey; the wave broke beneath the hull.



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