Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjóð Yt 19I/2 — bura ‘of the sons’

Varð Ǫnundr
Jónakrs bura
harmi heptr
und Himinfjǫllum.
Ok ofvæg
Eistra dolgi
heipt hrísungs
at hendi kom.
Ok sá frǫmuðr
foldar beinum
Hǫgna *reyrs
of horfinn vas.

Ǫnundr varð heptr harmi bura Jónakrs und Himinfjǫllum. Ok ofvæg heipt hrísungs kom at hendi dolgi Eistra. Ok sá frǫmuðr *reyrs Hǫgna vas of horfinn beinum foldar.

Ǫnundr was killed by the pain of the sons of Jónakr [STONES] beneath Himinfjǫll. And the crushing hatred of the bastard [STONES] came upon the enemy of the Estonians [= Ǫnundr]. And that wielder of the reed of Hǫgni <legendary hero> [SWORD > WARRIOR] was surrounded by the bones of the earth [STONES].


[2-3] harmi bura Jónakrs ‘by the pain of the sons of Jónakr [STONES]’: The kenning alludes to the heroic legend of Hamðir and Sǫrli, sons of Guðrún and her third husband Jónakr. Guðrún dispatches the brothers to take revenge against Jǫrmunrekkr for a brutal injustice against their half-sister, but their revenge fails because they refuse the aid of their half-brother Erpr, and kill him. Because they are impervious to metal weapons, they are killed with stones by Jǫrmunrekkr’s men (Bragi Rdr 5-6III; Hamð 25).




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