Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞSkall Valfl 2II/2 — rauð ‘reddened’

Víst hefr Valþjóf hraustan
Viljalmr, sás rauð malma,
hinn, es haf skar sunnan
hélt, í tryggð of véltan.
Satts, at síð mun létta,
snarr en minn vas harri,
— deyrat mildingr mærri —
manndráp á Englandi.

Viljalmr, sás rauð malma, hinn, es skar hélt haf sunnan, hefr víst of véltan hraustan Valþjóf í tryggð. Satts, at manndráp mun síð létta á Englandi, en harri minn vas snarr; mærri mildingr deyrat.

William, who reddened weapons, the one who cut the rime-flecked sea from the south, has indeed betrayed the bold Waltheof under safe conduct. It is true that killings will be slow to cease in England, but my lord was brave; a more splendid munificent prince will not die.


[2] sás rauð malma ‘who reddened weapons’: Skj B takes this rel. cl. to refer to Waltheof, but that is unlikely because sás is m. nom. sg. and Valþjóf (l. 1) is m. acc. sg. (we would expect the demonstrative to take the case of the antecedent).



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