Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhv Hryn 5II/2 — tvenna ‘two’

Snjallir fóru mága í millum
menn; seldusk þeir gísla tvenna;
sýnni tók þá sætt, es funnusk
snarir bragningar, herr at magna.
Nafnbœtr jók, sás Nóregs gætir,
niðjum prýddr, ok sikling skrýddi
bjǫrtu heiti bǫðvarfljótan,
blíðs hertoga, gjǫfum fríðum.

Snjallir menn fóru í millum mága; þeir seldusk tvenna gísla; herr tók þá at magna sýnni sætt, es snarir bragningar funnusk. Jók, sás gætir Nóregs, prýddr niðjum, nafnbœtr blíðs hertoga bjǫrtu heiti, ok skrýddi bǫðvarfljótan sikling fríðum gjǫfum.

Good men mediated between the relatives; they exchanged two hostages; people then set about to ensure a secure reconciliation when the brave leaders met. He who protects Norway, of famous descent, increased the rank of the well-disposed duke with an illustrious title and provided the battle-swift prince with beautiful gifts.


[2] tvenna: so all others, tvinna E


[2] tvenna ‘two’: The OIcel. form tvenna (so F, 42ˣ, 81a, Flat) is required for full internal rhyme in l. 2 (menn : tvenna). The form tvinna (so E) is older and specific to ONorw. (see ANG §445 Anm. 4).



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