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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhv Hryn 4II/3 — ǫðlings ‘the chieftain’s’

Snœfrir drógu enn meðal jǫfra
— aldir kóðu varla haldask
ǫðlings heit við allvald mætan —
árskapðan grun vinir hvárskis.
Minnigr bjoggi siklingr sunnan
sunda vigg, en jarl stǫkk undan
— ýtar brugðusk jǫfri nýtum —
austr of fjall, með drengi snjalla.

Snœfrir vinir hvárskis drógu enn árskapðan grun meðal jǫfra; aldir kóðu heit ǫðlings varla haldask við mætan allvald. Minnigr siklingr bjoggi vigg sunda sunnan með snjalla drengi, en jarl stǫkk undan austr of fjall; ýtar brugðusk nýtum jǫfri.

Skilful friends of neither [prince] again aroused the long-standing mistrust between the princes; people said the chieftain’s promises to the excellent mighty ruler were hardly kept. The mindful king steered steeds of the seas [SHIPS] from the south with brave men, and the jarl fled east across the mountains; men abandoned the able prince.


[3] ǫðlings heit: ǫðling sleit 304ˣ



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