Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þorm Lv 22I/8 — bjór ‘beer’

Haraldr vas bitr at berjask
bǫðreifr með Ôleifi;
þar gekk harðra hjǫrva
Hringr ok Dagr at þingi.
Réðu þeir und rauðar
randir prútt at standa
— fekk benþiðurr blakkan
bjór — dǫglingar fjórir.

Bǫðreifr Haraldr vas bitr at berjask með Ôleifi; þar gekk Hringr ok Dagr at þingi harðra hjǫrva. Þeir fjórir dǫglingar réðu at standa prútt und rauðar randir; benþiðurr fekk blakkan bjór.

Battle-happy Haraldr was sharp at fighting beside Óláfr; there Hringr and Dagr went to the assembly of hard swords [BATTLE]. Those four princes stood magnificently under red shields; the wound-grouse [RAVEN/EAGLE] got dark beer [blood].


[8] bjór: bjórr DG8


[7-8] blakkan bjór ‘dark beer [blood]’: Structurally, this is not a complete kenning, since it lacks a determinant referring to a beast of battle (see Meissner 207-8 for complete examples), but semantically a determinant is provided by benþiðurr ‘wound-grouse’ (cf. Note to Lv 10/2).



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