Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þorm Lv 11I/8 — ara ‘eagle’

Flestr of sér, hvé fasta
fagrbúnar hefk túna
báðar hendr ór breiðum
barðs þjóðkonungs garði.
Eld ák jǫfri gjalda
ungr þeim, es bregðr hungri,
djúps, (berk goll á greipum)
grôðugs ara (bôðum).

Flestr of sér, hvé hefk báðar hendr fagrbúnar fasta túna barðs ór breiðum garði þjóðkonungs. Ungr ák gjalda þeim jǫfri eld djúps, es bregðr hungri grôðugs ara; berk goll á bôðum greipum.

Most people see how I have both arms finely equipped with the fire of the homesteads of the prow [SEA > GOLD] from the spacious court of the mighty king. [While] young, I have to pay the prince for the flame of the deep [GOLD], who terminates the hunger of the greedy eagle; I bear gold on both hands.


[8] ara: ‘ar’ DG8



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