Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 1I/4 — gerðak ‘I composed’

Hugstóra biðk heyra
hressfœrs jǫfurs, þessar
— þolðak vás — hvé vísur,
verðung, of fǫr gerðak.
Sendr vask upp af ǫndrum
austr (svafk fátt í hausti)
til Svíþjóðar (síðan)
svanvangs í fǫr langa.

Biðk hugstóra verðung hressfœrs jǫfurs heyra, hvé gerðak þessar vísur of fǫr; þolðak vás. Vask sendr upp af ǫndrum svanvangs í langa fǫr austr til Svíþjóðar; svafk fátt síðan í hausti.

I ask the mighty-hearted retinue of the energetic ruler [Óláfr] to hear how I composed these verses about a journey; I endured hardship. I was sent up from the skis of the swan-plain [SEA > SHIPS] on a long journey east to Sweden; I slept little after that in the autumn.


[4] gerðak: ‘giorþ(c)’ R686ˣ, gørva Tóm, gerðat



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