Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Úlffl 1II/2 — Ulfr ‘Úlfr’

Hét á oss, þás úti,
Ulfr, hákesjur skulfu,
— róðr vas greiddr á grœði —
grams stallari alla.
Vel bað skip með skylja
skeljeggjaðr framm leggja
sitt, en seggir jôttu,
snjalls landreka spjalli.

Ulfr, stallari grams, hét á oss alla, þás hákesjur skulfu úti; róðr vas greiddr á grœði. Skeljeggjaðr spjalli snjalls landreka bað leggja skip sitt vel framm með skylja, en seggir jôttu.

Úlfr, the king’s marshal, called on us all when oarport-spears [OARS] trembled out at sea; the rowing was accelerated on the ocean. The keen-minded confidant of the brave land-ruler commanded that his ship should advance briskly alongside the lord, and the men concurred.



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