Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Nizv 6II/1 — hvassa ‘fierce’

Oss dugir hrafns ins hvassa
hungrdeyfi svá leyfa,
linns at lastim annan
látrs sveigjanda eigi.
Aldri kvǫddusk oddum
— annat hverjum manni
táls of tyggja at mæla —
tveir fullhugar meiri.

Oss dugir leyfa hungrdeyfi ins hvassa hrafns svá, at lastim eigi annan sveigjanda látrs linns. Aldri kvǫddusk tveir meiri fullhugar oddum; táls hverjum manni at mæla annat of tyggja.

It is fitting for us [me] to praise the hunger-appeaser [FEEDER] of the fierce raven [WARRIOR = Haraldr] in such a way that we [I] do not belittle the other bender of the snake’s lair [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Sveinn]. Never did two more valiant ones greet each other with spear-points; it is treachery for any man to say something else about the lords.


[1-2] hungrdeyfi ins hvassa hrafns ‘the hunger-appeaser [FEEDER] of the fierce raven [WARRIOR = Haraldr]’: For kennings of this type, see Note to Arn Hryn 7/1, 2.




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