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Anon Pl 49VII

Jonna Louis-Jensen and Tarrin Wills (eds) 2007, ‘Anonymous Poems, Plácitusdrápa 49’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 211-12.

Anonymous PoemsPlácitusdrápa

Hyrgildir … hvíldar
hrafnvíns liði sínu;
garpr bauð þ… í þorpi
þingveljǫndum dveljask.
Létu of eins hvers ýtis
apaldrgarð brimis kapla
lundar búðum lýðar
lungs umbhverfis slungit.

{{{Hrafnvíns} hyr-}gildir} … liði sínu hvíldar; garpr bauð {{þ… þing}veljǫndum} dveljask í þorpi. Lýðar {lundar lungs} létu búðum slungit umbhverfis of apaldrgarð eins hvers {ýtis {kapla brimis}}.

{The appraiser {of the fire {of raven-wine}}} [BLOOD > SWORD > WARRIOR] … his men rest; the champion bade {the choosers {of the assembly of þ…}} [(lit. ‘assembly-choosers of þ…’) BATTLE > WARRIORS] stay in a village. The troops {of the tree of the ship} [SEAFARER] pitched camp around the orchard of a certain {launcher {of the horses of the sea}} [SHIPS > SEAFARER].

Mss: 673b(5r)

Readings: [1] Hyrgildir: ‘hyrgi[...]’ 673b, ‘hyrgilldir’ 673bÞH, ‘hyrgilldr’ 673bHE, ‘hyrgilder’ 673bFJ;    …: ‘[...]’ 673b    [3] garpr: ‘garp[...]’ 673b, ‘garpr’ 673bÞH, 673bFJ;    þ…: ‘þ[...]’ 673b, 673bÞH, ‘þuþr’(?) 673bHE, ‘þro(t)’(?) 673bFJ    [5] Létu of eins: ‘[...]et[...](ei)[...]’(?) 673b, ‘sett or eins’ 673bÞH, ‘sette of eins’ 673bFJ;    of: ‘of’ or ‘or’ 673bHE;    hvers: ‘[...]ve[...]s’ 673b, ‘hvers’ 673bÞH, ‘hve[...]’ 673bFJ    [6] apaldr‑: ‘apald[...]’ 673b, ‘apaldrs’ 673bÞH, ‘apaldrer’ 673bFJ    [7] lundar búðum lýðar: ‘l[...] b[...]þum l[...]þar’ 673b, ‘lattas [...] þ[...]v lyþer’ 673bÞH, ‘[...]u lyþar’ 673bFJ;    lundar: ‘lattat’ 673bHE    [8] slungit: ‘stungit’ 673bÞH, 673bFJ

Editions: Skj AI, 616, Skj BI, 619, Skald I, 301; Sveinbjörn Egilsson 1833, 31, 60, Finnur Jónsson 1887, 242, Jón Helgason 1932-3, 160-1, Louis-Jensen 1998, 117.

Notes: [1] : Sveinbjörn proposed fekk ‘got, granted’ for this lacuna, but there is no evidence from the hendingar or alliteration. — [3] þ…: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) supplied Þrós ‘Þrór’s <= Óðinn>’ to provide a determinant for the battle-kenning. He earlier (1887) used Þrótts (another name for Óðinn); Sveinbjörn Egilsson (1833) emended to þýðr ‘gentle’. — [5-8]: Words in this helmingr correspond to vocabulary in either the A or C texts of the prose saga, including apaldrgarð (l. 6, a word not used elsewhere in skaldic poetry, providing aðalhending with kapla; the C text has aldingarðr as in Pl st. 24/7) and umbhverfis (l. 8) (Louis-Jensen 1998, cxxi). — [5-8]: All the conjectural emendations in this helmingr derive from Jón Helgason 1932-3, except lýðar, originally proposed by Finnur Jónsson (1887). — [8] slungit ‘pitched’: Sveinbjörn Egilsson (1833) and Finnur Jónsson (1887) both read stungit ‘stuck’ here, but Jón Helgason pointed out that what appears to be a line coming off the second letter is in fact part of the following letter ‘u’. Jón also points to a comparable phrase in Knýtl (ÍF 35, 292).


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