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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Lausavísur — Gyðja LvVIII (Ǫrv)


Gyðja, Lausavísur — Margaret Clunies Ross

Not published: do not cite (Gyðja LvVIII (Ǫrv))


Hverr veldr eldi,         hverr orrostu,
hverr jarls magni         eggjum beitir?
Hof sviðnuðu,         hörgar brunnu;
hverr rauð eggjar         á yngva nið?
‘Who is causing the fire, who [causes] the battle, who is swinging blades with the power of a jarl? Temples were ablaze, sanctuaries burned; who reddened blades on the descendant of a prince?
Þess hlægjumk ek,         at hefir fengna
Freys reiði þú,         fári blandna.
Hjálpi æsir         ok ásynjur,
görvöll regin,         gyðjum sínum!
‘I am moved to laughter at this, that you have incurred Freyr’s wrath, mixed with evil. May gods and goddesses, all divine powers, help their priestesses!
Hverir ólu þik         upp svá heimskan,
er þú eigi vill         Óðin blóta?
‘Which people brought you up so stupid that you are not willing to sacrifice to Óðinn?
Auð þættumk ek         eiga nógan,
ef ek inn ágæta         Álf um fyndak.
Blót gaf ek honum         ok bú fjogur;
hann mun yðr alla         í eld draga.
‘I would consider myself to have wealth enough, if I could recover the excellent Álfr. I gave sacrifices for him and four farms; he will fling you all into the fire.
Hvat efldi þik         austan hingat
feiknafullan         ok fláráðan?
Muntu hvarvetna         herja vilja,
er þú Álfi máttir         aldrspell gera.
‘What aided you [coming] here from the east, one full of portents and deceits? You must want to harry everywhere, since you were able to cause life-damage to Álfr.
Hjálpi æsir         ok ásynjur,
görvöll regin,         gyðju sinni!
‘May gods and goddesses, all divine powers, help their priestess!

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