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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Lausavísur — Gríml LvVIII (GrL)

Grímr loðinkinni

Grímr loðinkinni, Lausavísur — Beatrice La Farge

Not published: do not cite (Gríml LvVIII (GrL))


Hvat heita þær         hrauns íbúur,
er skaða vilja         skipi mínu?
Ykr hefik         einar sénar
ámátligastar         at yfirlitum.
‘What are the names of those female inhabitants of the lava field [TROLL-WOMEN], who want to harm my ship? You two alone are the most overwhelming in appearance I have [ever] seen.
Þrífiz hvárgi         Þjassa dóttir
brúðir verstar;         brátt skal ek reiðaz.
Rétt skal ek ykr,         áðr röðull skíni,
vörgum senda         víst til bráðar.
‘May neither daughter of Þjazi <giant> [GIANTESS] thrive, the worst women; I shall fly into a rage quickly. I will certainly dispatch you two straight as meat for wolves before the sun shines.
Skal ek ykr báðum         skjótliga heita
oddi ok eggju         í upphafi.
Munu þá reyna         Hrungnis mellur,
hvárt betr dugir         broddr eða krumma.
‘I will quickly promise you both at the outset weapon-point and blade. The female lovers of Hrungnir <giant> [GIANTESSES] will discover then whether weapon-point or claw is more effective.
Hér höfum fellt         til foldar
tírarlausa         tólf berserki.
Þó var Sørkvir         þróttrammastr
þeira seggja         en Þröstr annarr.
‘Here we have felled twelve inglorious berserks to the ground. Yet Sørkvir was the most powerful in strength of those men, and Þrǫstr was the second.
Fyrst mun ek líkja         eptir feðr mínum;
skal eigi mín dóttir,         nema skör höggviz,
nauðig gefin         neinum manni
guðvefs þella,         meðan Grímr lifir.
‘First I will follow the example of my father; my daughter, the fir-tree of costly fabric [WOMAN], shall not be given in marriage to any man against her will while Grímr is [I am] alive, unless my head is hewn off.

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