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Teaching Texts

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Life of St Edmund §

Edited by Tarrin Wills

Ēadmund ‘Edmund’


Eadmund (noun m.): Eadmund


ēadiga ‘blessed’

nom. m. sg. weak;

eadig (adj.; adj): blessed, prosperous, happy


Ēastengla ‘of East Anglia’

gen. pl.

eastengle (noun m.): East Anglians


wæs ‘was’

3rd pers. pret. sg.

beon (verb; anom verb): to be


wurðful ‘honourable’

nom. m. sg.

weorðfull (adj.; adj): honoured, valued


wurðode ‘glorified’

3rd pers. pret. sg.

weorðian (verb; wk verb): honour, cherish; worship


þone ‘the’

acc. m. sg.

se (pron.; demonst): the, that


ælmihtigan ‘Almighty’

acc. m. sg. weak;

ælmihtig (adj.; adj): almighty

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Ēadmund se ēadiga, Ēastengla cyning, wæs snotor and wurðful and wurðode symble mid æþelum þēawum þone ælmihtigan God.

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