Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Arn Hryn 11II

[6] Venða (m. gen. pl.) ‘for the Wends’: Magnús’s expedition against this pagan Slavic people was designed to curb their westward incursions on the coasts of north Germany and Denmark. On the Wends, see Damgaard-Sørensen 1991. The form of the name is difficult to establish. Early (non-Norse) evidence would point to an alternation of [e] and [i] as root vowel (see AEW: Vindr 2). Arnórr’s rhyme on spenði ‘steered’ (l. 6) suggests [e] here, but several other skaldic rhymes, such as that on ginðu ‘gaped, yawned’ in Hókr Eirfl 7/2I, suggest [i].


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