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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon (SnE) 9III

[2] tungl sjǫt-Rungnis ‘moon of dwelling-Rungnir [TROLL]’: This is the most obscure of the kennings in the stanza. Rungnir may be a giant name, possibly a variant of the better-attested Hrungnir, the name of a giant with whom Þórr fought a duel (SnE 1998, I, 20-2). Sigrdr 15/5-6 (NK 193) names one of the places where runes are carved as á því hvéli, er snýz | undir reið Rungnis  ‘on that wheel, which turns beneath the chariot of Rungnir’. Kock (NN §1095B and Skald) emends to tungls sjǫthrungni ‘moon’s dwelling-Hrungnir’ ‘Hrungnir [i.e. destroyer] of the moon’s dwelling’ (by inversion), an allusion to the same myth as the kennings in ll. 4 and 7, in which at Ragnarǫk a wolf in the form of a troll will destroy the heavenly bodies (cf. Vsp 40/7-8 (NK 9) tungls tiúgari | í trollz hami ‘destroyer of the sun in the shape of a troll’). Another possibility is that tunglsjǫt ‘moon-dwelling’ could form a cpd, though the kenning still remains obscure.


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