Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Eccl 1VII

[5-6]: The poet beseeches God to bestow faith upon ‘Audoenus’ (ON Auðunn). Kålund takes these ll. to refer to the poem’s intended recipient, perhaps Auðunn Þorbergsson ( III, 64 n. 4), but it is conceivable that Audoenus is the name of the poet himself, who beseeches God for a share of the grace that has already been granted to the unidentified recipient of his praise.


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  2. = Kålund, Kristian and Natanael Beckman. 1908-18. Alfræði íslenzk: Islandsk encyklopædisk litteratur. 3 vols. SUGNL 37, 41 and 45. Copenhagen: Møller.


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