Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Mgr 35VII

[1, 2] lík hilmis runna* láða* sunnu ‘the body of the lord of the trees of the lands of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN > ANGELS > = God (= Christ)]’: These emendations are conjectural. The ms. reading láðar is ungrammatical (the noun láð ‘land’ is n.). Skj B and Skald emend láðar to Laufa ‘of Laufi <sword>’, which is taken as the determinant in the kenning runnar Laufa ‘the trees of Laufi <sword>’ (i.e. ‘warriors, men’). That interpretation forces the emendation of huldi (3rd pers. sg. pret. indic.) ‘hid’ (l. 1) to huldu (3rd pers. pl. pret. indic.) ‘hid’. Wrightson accepts the latter emendation and reads runnar laðar ‘the bushes of the metal plate’ [MEN] which is unmetrical, because the syllable in l.-initial position must be long (láð- rather than lað-) to avoid resolution and a hypometrical l.


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