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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Útsteinn Innkv 1VIII (Hálf 27)

[3] fyrr í fólki ‘at the head of the host’: Editors print either fyrr í fólki (Hálf 1909) or fyrir í fólki (Skj B, Skald, Edd. Min.). The reading of ‘fyrí folki’ in 2845 as fyrr í fólki is supported by the fact that in the Hálfs saga text in 2845 there are two more instances where fyrr is written ‘fyr’; see P. B. Taylor (1965) for a similar phrase, fyrstr í fólki, in HHund I 53/7 (NK 138) and Hálf (1981, 119).


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