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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Rloð Lv 9VIII (Ragn 26)

[7-8]: Rafn (FSN) and Örnólfur Thorsson (Ragn 1985) follow 1824b in reading þat verðr mjök mörgu sinni | er … (with mjök supplied from above the line) ‘(there) very often happens that which …’. Valdimar Ásmundarson (Ragn 1891; cf. also Vigfusson and Powell, CPB) emends to þat verðr mörgum manni | er … ‘to many a man happens that which …’. Olsen (Ragn 1906-8, 212) and Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) read verðr mjǫk mǫrgu sinni | þats … ‘(there) very often happens that which …’, with þat ‘that’ moved from the beginning of l. 7 to that of l. 8; Eskeland (Ragn 1944), Guðni Jónsson (FSGJ) and Ebel (Ragn 2003) follow them in this respect. Kock (Skald; NN §2372) differs here from Olsen and Finnur only in placing mjǫk ‘very’ at the beginning of the line, before rather than after verðr ‘happens’, in order to let the alliteration fall on the first and third syllables in a line of A-type (cf. Gade 1995a, 131-4). Kock is followed here by the present ed. Whatever word order is assumed, þat ‘that’ is clearly the nom. subject of verðr ‘happens’ and the verb varir ‘expects’ in the rel. clause introduced by er ‘which’ in l. 8 is most simply described as impersonal, with m. acc. sg. sjálfan ‘oneself’ as its ‘logical subject’ (cf. Stefán Einarsson 1945, 169-70).


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