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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Rloð Lv 5VIII (Ragn 9)

[6] boði undleygs ‘a profferer of the wound-flame [SWORD > WARRIOR]’: CPB and Ragn 1891 both read unnleygs ‘of the wave-flame [GOLD]’, here (cf. Anon Gyð 2/2VII), thus making Ragnarr’s son Sigurðr a generous dispenser of gold. This would certainly be consistent with what is said of him in ll. 7-8 (see below), but the ‑dl- spelling is confirmed by both 1824b and 147. While Rafn (FSN) retains the 1824b reading yndleygs, which does not yield a satisfactory meaning, all subsequent eds apart from CPB and Valdimar Ásmundarson (Ragn 1891) read undleygs. On kennings of the ‘wave-fire’ type for gold, see Turville-Petre (1976, xlix-l), and Clunies Ross (1987, 138-50).


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