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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Arn Frag 4III

[3] armhrauð ‘arm-ring’: The cpd apparently forms a phrase with eitt ‘one’ and so must be n., and the context suggests that it must mean ‘arm-ring’, cf. armbaugr in Lok 13/1 (NK 99). Finnur Jónsson emends to armband (Skj B; 1934a, 47). The ms. spelling ‘raud’ could, however, represent ‑hrauð, cf. ON hrjóða and OE hrēodan ‘adorn’, both recorded solely or mainly as past participles. Kock (NN §843) assumes armhrauð to be cognate with OE earm(h)rēad f. ‘arm-ornament’ which occurs, also in a context of gift-giving, in Beowulf ll. 1193-4: wunden goldearmrēade twā ‘twisted gold … two arm-ornaments’ (Beowulf 2008, 42, 368). Despite the difference of genders, the assumption of a cognate supplies an attractive solution here.


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