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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Hǫrðr Lv 1VIII (HjǪ 22)

[7] fyr ofan jörð ‘upon the earth’: The line is unmetrical. It is not clear whether the stanza as a whole should be considered an attempt at ljóðaháttr or a fornyrðislag stanza that is missing its final line. Most previous eds have adopted a version of the line added to papp6ˣ, fædt við foldar þröm ‘born at the edge of the earth’ instead of what all mss have at this point. The origin of papp6ˣ’s addition cannot be confirmed and is suspiciously similar to Hyndl’s claim that the god Heimdallr was borinnvið iarðar þrǫm ‘born … at the edge of the earth’ (Hyndl 35/1, 8 (NK 294); cf. Þjóð Yt 26/10I). The last three lines of this stanza are very similar to lines at the end of HjǪ 11/5-7 and 12/5-7.


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