Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to ESk Geisl 21VII

[3] grœðari alls ‘healer of all’: Cf. læknir heims ‘the healer of the world’ in 57/8. The kenning may have a scriptural base (cf. Exod. XV.26 and Ps. CII.3) or be related to the hymns Rex æterne, Domine (AH 51, 5): Tu vulnerum latentium / Bonus assistis medicus ‘You are present as the good healer of hidden wounds’, and Magnum salutis gaudium (AH 51, 73): Iesus, redemptor gentium, / sanavit orbem languidum ‘Jesus, the redeemer of the nations, healed an ailing world’ (Ordo Nidr., 218, 221, 368-9, 428-30).


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  2. AH = Dreves, G. M., C. Blume and H. M. Bannister, eds. 1886-1922. Analecta hymnica medii aeui. 55 vols. Leipzig: Reisland. Rpt. 1961. New York: Johnson.


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