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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þul Á 3III

[2] Vǫnd ok Strǫnd ‘Vǫnd and Strǫnd’: The same pair of names, Vǫnd oc Strǫnd, occurs in Grí 28/9 (NK 63). Vǫnd is most likely a f. form of the adj. vandr ‘difficult’. Hale (1983, 181) proposes that Vǫnd could be related to ON vǫndr m. ‘wand, switch’ (cf. river names with the stem gand- from Norwegian dialects gand ‘thin stick’ and stav- from ON stafr ‘stick, stave’ mentioned in Rygh 1904, 63, 245). If so, Vǫnd could refer to a river that flows in a straight line. The river name Strǫnd f. ‘beach’ is difficult to interpret unless this heiti denotes a river that forms shores or banks when flooding (so Hale 1983, 181). Because Strǫnd is also found in st. 5/7 below, Finnur Jónsson (1933-4, 263 and Skj B, followed by Skald) adopts the A, B variant strind f. ‘river bank’.


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