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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þul Óðins 6III

[3] Sviðrir: The name may well be a variant of Sviðurr (see l. 1 above; so Hellquist 1891, 24), although Falk (1924, 28), following Bugge (1881-96, I, 362; Bugge 1885, 240) and Olsen (1906a, 119-21), argues that Sviðrir is more likely to be related to OE sweðrian ‘retire, withdraw, subside, decrease’ (of storm and fire). According to him, the name means ‘one who calms storms’. That interpretation finds support in Hávm 154/4-6 (NK 43) vind ec kyrri | … | oc svæfic allan sæ ‘I calm the wind … and put the entire sea to sleep’ as well as in Yng (ch. 7, ÍF 26, 18) Þat kunni hann enn at gera með orðum einum at sløkkva eld ok kyrra sjá ok snúa vindum hverja leið er hann vildi ‘He was also able with mere words to extinguish fire and calm the sea and turn the winds any way he wished’. The name is otherwise attested only in Grí 50/1 and in the rímur (Finnur Jónsson 1926-8: Sviðrir).


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