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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þul Óðins 6III

[1] Sviðurr: See also Sviðrir in l. 3 below (cf. Grí 50/1 (NK 67): Sviðurr oc Sviðrir ‘Sviðurr and Sviðrir’), Sviðarr in Gylf (Gylf gives all these derivational variants; see SnE 2005, 8, 22), and Sviðuðr (st. 4/2 above). None of these forms is otherwise attested in skaldic poetry. The names may be derived from sviða f. ‘spear’ (Óðinn is named after his spear, Gungnir; so Falk 1924, 28). Skm provides another explanation for Sviðurr, which is said to be an eponym of the Svíar ‘Swedes’ (SnE 1998, I, 105): Svíþjóð [var kallaðr] af nafni Sviðursþat er ok heiti Óðins ‘Sweden was named after Sviðurr’s name – that is also one of Óðinn’s names’. For other suggested interpretations, see AEW: Sviðrir, Sviðuðr, Sviðurr.


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