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2. Andron Scriptor Web

Designer: Andreas Stötzner, Leipzig.
Model: Renaissance fonts.
Styles: Regular.
Inventory: Version 3.0 has more than 1500 characters.
MUFI characters: All characters in the MUFI recommendation v. 3.0 are included in Andron Scriptor Web.
Availability: Andron Scriptor is available free of charge. Please read the license below.
Font format: TrueType for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.
Embedding: The font can be embedded in PDF documents.

Downloading v. 2.0Andron Scriptor Web v. 2 (11 December 2006)
Ask your web browser to download the file rather than trying to open it.

Downloading v. 3.0Andron Scriptor Web v. 3 (31 March 2009)
This is a zip file containing a font file and some additional material. Ask your web browser to download the file rather than trying to open it.

License: This font is a special edition of Andreas Stötzner’s Andron font project, financed by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and the University of Bergen. It has been issued to support scholarly editing purposes for medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. The creator and the provider of this font (Andreas Stötzner and the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative) have to be credited in colophones of works which utilize the font. Any alterations to this font, its contents, disposition, glyph shapes and naming are against copyright law and therefore strictly forbidden. If any enhancements or improvements of the font seem to be desirable, users should forward this to MUFI in order to get their suggestions considered in future updates of the font.

More characters? A major extension of the Andron Scriptor Web font will be offered on the Andron Font site. This version contains approximately 9000 characters from a wide range of Unicode charts. The most frequently used characters (basically the Latin ones) will also have separate italic, semibold and semibold italic shapes as well as regular small capitals.


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