Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Stanza/text in manuscript

Hrętſcattu voꝛþr þot verþr vist[...] | travſtc oc ger hrvsla fremþar luſtr | [...]frestne fran ſceiþſ af mer vaner· þin mun | huggon hreiɴe herſ scinſ trega mink[...] | en scaldv ór til þinnar aſtt scurþr coma | durþar·   (JLJ)
(I can't read the 'r' in v[...]rt or the 'fr' in [...]frestne; 'l' in hrvsla is missing ascender; 'm' in coma is partly illegible - TW;)
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Stanza/text section in manuscript

This view shows information about an instance of a piece of text in a manuscript: the page and line numbers, a transcription if available, and links to images if available.