Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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DR NOR1988;5 (DR NOR1988;5) - Malt, Ågård

inscription; SRDB period: V 800-900-t; Denmark

sua ai ÷ titultitul ¶ fuþorkhniastbmlʀ huaʀ is i : alisti osa : huaʀ is (:) ¶ uifrþuʀ : karþi : afr aft asini fauþr ¶ kul:finʀ : fal(s) : taitirunoʀ ' u ¶ (a)iuinrunoʀ : sulialta : huaʀ : ? ¶ utu ÷ tuuut bilikikʀ : tuʀ ra(k)(i) ¶ (t)(u)(l)i

§A Thus ever(?) ... §B Who is(?) ... ... Æsir's, who is Véfriðr /Véfrøðr made ... in memory of ... father. Kolfinnr/Gullfinnr concealed runes of gladness and runes of eternal friendship ... who ... ... ... ... ... ... Tuli/Tóli.


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