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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vg 119 (Vg119) - Sparlösa k:a

This manuscript does not appear to be part of the Skaldic Project.

inscription; SRDB period: V 800-t (§E 1000-t); Sweden: Västergötland

a¤iuls kaf ÷ airikis sunʀ kaf alrik- - ---t---la kaf rau- at kialt(i) * ...a sa- faþiʀ ubsal faþiʀ suaþ a-a-u--ba ...-omas notu auk takaʀ ÷ aslriku lu--ʀ ukþ-t a(i)u(i)sl ...s---n(u)(ʀ)-a-- þat sikmar aiti makuʀ airikis makin(i)aru þuno * aft aiuis uk raþ runoʀ þaʀ raki-ukutu iu þar suaþ aliriku lu(b)u faþi ' ui(u)-am ...--ukrþsar(s)k(s)nuibin- ---kunʀ(u)k(l)ius-- ...iu : kisli : karþi : iftiʀ : kunar : bruþur [:] kubl : þisi

§A Eivísl, Eiríkr's son gave, Alríkr gave ... §B ... gave ... as payment. Then(?) the father sat(?) (in) Uppsala(?), the father that ... ... nights and days. Alríkr feared(?) not Eivísl. §C ... that Eiríkr's boy is called Sigmarr/celebrated-for-victories. Mighty battle(?) ... in memory of Eivísl. And interpret the runes of divine origin there ... , that Alríkr coloured. §D ... ... ... §E Gísli made this monument in memory of Gunnarr, (his) brother.



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