Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Vg 59 (Vg59) - Norra Härene

inscription; date not specified; Sweden: Västergötland

rifnikʀ : auk : kiali : auk : brunulfʀ : auk : kifulfʀ : satu : stin : þonsi : iftiʀ : fut : faþur : sin : harþa : kuþon : þign : sua : hifiʀ : osa : as : igi : mun : sum : kuin : ift : uir : siþon : kaurua :: hialmʀ : auk : hiali : hiaku : runaʀ *

Hrefningr and Gjalli and Brynjulfr and Gjafulfr placed this stone in memory of Fótr, their father, a very good thegn. Thus has Ása made, as no other wife in memory of (her) husband will. Hjalmr and Hjalli cut the runes.


Edited as Run Vg 59VI

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