Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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DR EM85;493 (DR EM85;493) - Ribe healing-stick

inscription; c1300; Denmark

+ io=rþ ÷ biþ a=k ÷ ua=rþæ ÷ o=k ÷ uphimæn ÷ so=l ÷ o=k ÷ sa=nt=æ maria ÷ o=k ÷ salfæn ÷ gud| |drotæn ÷ þæt han ÷ læ mik ÷ læknæs÷ha=nd ÷ o=k lif÷tuggæ ÷ at= =liuæ uiuindnæ ÷ þær ÷ botæ ÷ þa=rf ÷ or ÷ ba=k ÷ o=k or brʀst ÷ or lækæ ÷ o=k or lim ÷ or øuæn ÷ o=k or øræn ÷ or ÷ a=llæ þe ÷ þær ÷ ilt ÷ kan i at kumæ ÷ suart ÷ hetær ÷ sten ÷ ha=n ÷ stær ÷ i ÷ hafæ ÷ utæ ÷ þær ÷ ligær ÷ a ÷ þe ÷ ni ÷ no=uþær ÷ þæ¶r ÷ l---r(a) ÷ (þ)en-nþþæþeskulhuærki skulæ ÷ huærki ÷ søtæn ÷ sofæ ÷ æþ ÷ uarmnæn ÷ uakæ ÷ førr æn ÷ þu ÷ þæssa ÷ bot ÷ biþær ÷ þær ÷ a=k o=rþ ÷ at kæþæ ÷ ro=nti ÷ amæn ÷ o=k þæt ÷ se +

§A I pray Earth to guard and High Heaven, the sun and Saint Mary and Lord God himself, that he grant me medicinal hands and healing tongue to heal §B the Trembler when a cure is needed. From back and from breast, from body and from limb, from eyes and from ears, from wherever evil can §C enter. A stone is called Svartr (black), it stands out in the sea, there lie upon it nine needs, who ... ... §D shall neither sleep sweetly nor wake warmly until you pray this cure which I have proclaimed in runic words. Amen and so be it.

Edited as Run DR EM85;493VI

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