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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ög 136 (Ög136) - Rök stone

inscription; SRDB period: V 800-t; Sweden: Östergötland

aft uamuþ stonta runaʀ þaʀ n uarin faþi faþiʀ aft faikion sunu sakum| |mukmini þat huariaʀ ualraubaʀ uaʀin tuaʀ þaʀ suaþ tualf sinum uaʀin| |numnaʀ t ualraubu baþaʀ somon o umisum| |monum ' þat sakum onart huaʀ fur niu altum on urþi fiaru miʀ hraiþkutum auk tu miʀ on ub sakaʀ raiþ| |þiaurikʀ hin þurmuþi stiliʀ flutna strontu hraiþmaraʀ sitiʀ nu karuʀ o kuta sinum skialti ub fatlaþʀ skati marika þat sakum tualfta huar histʀ si kunaʀ itu| |uituoki on kunukaʀ tuaiʀ tikiʀ suaþ o likia ' þat sakum þritaunta huariʀ tuaiʀ tikiʀ kunukaʀ satin t siulunti fiakura uintur at fiakurum nabnum burnʀ fiakurum bruþrum ' ualkaʀ fim ra=þulfs| |suniʀ hraiþulfaʀ fim rukulfs| |suniʀ hoislaʀ fim haruþs suniʀ kunmuntaʀ fim (b)irnaʀ suniʀ * nuk m--- (m)-- alu --(k)(i) ainhuaʀ -þ... ...þ ... ftiʀ fra sagwm| |mogmeni (þ)ad hOaʀ igOldga Oaʀi gOldin d gOonaʀ hOsli sakum| |mukmini uaim si burin| |niþʀ troki uilin is þat knuo knati| |iatun uilin is þat (n)(i)(t) akum| |mukmini þur sibi uiauari ul niruþʀ

In memory of Væmod stand these runes. And Varin wrote them, the father in memory of his dead son. I tell the ancient tale which the two war-booties were, twelve times taken as war-booty, both together from man to man. This I tell second who nine generations ago lost his life with the Reidgoths; and he died with them, because of his offenses. Theodric the bold, / king of sea-warriors, / ruled over / Reid-sea shores. / Now he sits armed / on his Gothic horse, / shield strapped, / prince of Mærings. That I tell the twelfth where the horse of Gunn [valkyrie > wolf] sees food on the battle-field, where twenty kings lie. This I tell the thirteenth which twenty kings sat on Sjælland for four winters, with four names, born to four brothers: five Valkes, sons of Rådulv, five Reidulvs, sons of Rugulv, five Haisls, sons of Hord, five Gunnmunds, sons of Björn. Now I tell the tales in full. Someone ... I tell the ancient tale which of the kinsmen of Ingvald was avenged by a wife's sacrifice. I tell an ancient tale to which young warrior a kinsman is born. Vilin it is. He could crush a giant. Vilin it is. I tell an ancient tale. Thor. Sibbe of Vé, ninety years of age, begot [a son].


Edited as Run Ög 136VI

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