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Runic Dictionary

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ESk Geisl 20VII l. 7

þás — when


2. þá (adv.): then


[7] þás (‘þá er’): því at Bb


[1, 7] þás, þás ‘when, when’: Flat has þás (‘þá er’) ‘when’ in both these cases, but Bb has þars (‘þar er’) ‘where’ in l. 1 and því at ‘because’ in l. 7. These variants make quite a difference to the sense of the st. In the first case, Bb’s version suggests that miracles were wrought on the battlefield, while Flat’s indicates they occurred after the battle has taken place. In the second instance Bb suggests that the light burned over Óláfr’s body because God had taken it to heaven on the same day he died (as in ÓHLeg 1982, 196, quoted in Chase 2005, 36-7), whereas Flat is again concerned with chronology. Skj B adopts Bb’s readings in ll. 1, and 8, but Skald does so in l. 1 only.



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