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Runic Dictionary

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Anon (SnE) 9III l. 6

— of the corpse


nár (noun m.; °-s; -ir): corpse < náfjǫrðr (noun m.): corpse-fjord


[6] fjarðar: ‘nattfara’ C


[6] náfjarðar ‘of the corpse-fjord [GRAVE]’: Here (taking the reading of R), with Skj B and Faulkes (SnE 1998, I, 83), understood as a kenning for a grave. The cpd could also be construed as nafjarðar ‘hub-land [SHIELD]’ (cf. SnE 1998, II, 361: náfjǫrðr), though it is hard to see how this would yield a troll-kenning, or as nafjarðar < nǫf ‘brink, cliff-edge’ + jǫrð ‘earth, land’ (so NN §2458). Ms. C’s variant ‘nattfara’ could yield nôttfara ‘(guardian) of night-expeditions [TROLL-WOMAN]’, referring to the habit of such beings as active at night.



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