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Runic Dictionary

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Bragi Rdr 9III l. 4

benja — wounds


1. ben (noun f.; °-jar, dat. -; -jar , gen. -a(var. EiðKrC 402¹³: AM 77 4°— “D”)): wound



[1, 2, 4] sú bœti-Þrúðr dreyrugra benja ‘that curing-Þrúðr <goddess> of bloody wounds [VALKYRIE = Hildr]’: A kenning with a specific reference to Hildr, formed similarly to ósk-Rôn ofþerris æða ‘the desiring-Rán <goddess> of the excessive drying of veins [VALKYRIE = Hildr]’ (st. 8/1, 2) and hristi-Sif hringa ‘shaking-Sif <goddess> of rings [VALKYRIE = Hildr]’ (st. 8/5), where the base-word is a cpd of an adj. formed from a verb (or, in the case of ósk-Rôn, a noun) plus goddess name (in this case Þórr’s daughter Þrúðr) and the determinant alludes to Hildr’s life-threatening, battle-promoting intentions. This kenning must be ironic; Hildr cured wounds in order to revive the warriors to fight again.



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