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Runic Dictionary

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Anon (SnE) 9III l. 3

jǫtuns — of a giant


jǫtunn (noun m.; °jǫtuns, dat. jǫtni; jǫtnar): giant



[3] auðsúg jǫtuns ‘wealth-sucker of a giant [TROLL-WOMAN]’: Again the reference is obscure. There may be an allusion to the kenning-type ‘mouthful of giants [GOLD]’ (cf. Bragi Frag 6/2-3) and a suggestion that troll-women could somehow suck out gold from the mouths of giants (perhaps in the course of a sexual encounter) or rob them of it by some other means. The alimentary element in this kenning finds a counterpart in himins hvélsvelg ‘swallower of the wheel of the sky [SUN > TROLL]’ (l. 7), and in several of Bragi’s kennings in reply. Kock (NN §1095C and Skald) emends to auðsúð jǫtuns ‘wealth-plank of a giant [WOMAN > TROLL-WOMAN]’, thus providing a hending.



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