Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ed. Tarrin Wills;

4. Hrólfs saga kraka — chs 34-35 (Hr) - 27

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Download the companion handbook (Tarrin Wills) here: Introduction to Old Norse.

The skaldic database has been adapted here to include prose texts for teaching purposes. The text of Hrólfs saga is from Guðni Jónsson’s edition in Fornaldar sögur norðurlanda (1954); Skáldskaparmál is based on the text in Anthony Faulkes’s Viking Society edition; Laxdœla saga and Grœnlendinga saga are taken from the Íslenzk fornrit series. The text of Vǫlsunga saga is from Gordon’s Introduction to Old Norse, with incest restored. The first section of Hrólfs saga includes a close, unidiomatic parallel translation by Tarrin Wills. The glossary has also been produced by Tarrin Wills.

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Hrólfs saga kraka — chs 34-35

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3 — Prose: Hr 34.3

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Bǫðvarr þrífr til hans ok hnykkir honum upp ór beinahrúgunni. Hǫttr kvað þá hátt við ok mælti:
‘Nú viltu bana mér! Gør eigi þetta, svá sem ek hefi vel um búizk, en þú hefr rofit í sundr skjaldborg mína, ok hafða ek gǫrt hana svá háva útan at mér, at hon hefr hlíft mér við ǫllum hǫggum ykkar, svá at ekkert hǫgg hefir komit á mik lengi, en ekki var hon þó enn svá búin sem ek ætlaða hon skyldi vera.’


Bǫðvarr grabs at him and pulls him up out of the bone pile. Hǫttr then cried loudly at that and said, ‘Now you want to have me killed! Do n’t do that, just as I have now finished, but you have now broken my shield-wall apart, and I had now made it so high around me, that it has protected me against all your blows, such that no blow has reached me for a long time, but it was still not yet as finished as I wanted it to be.’


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