Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

2. Steinn Herdísarson, 1. Nizarvísur, 5 [Vol. 2, 363-4]

[All]: Mork, Flat, H and Hr offer a different version of the st., which can be rendered as follows (with Mork as the main ms.): [[ALT]] Prose order: Undrs, ef viðir ǫrmóts, þeirs vǫrðu víða grund, fundu eigi gǫrva of síðir—vér bǫrðumk—, hvar Norðmenn heldu Harald herskildi forðum; hrafn fekk gnótt nás í óttu fyr Nizar ósi. Translation: It is a marvel if the trees of the arrow-meeting [WARRIORS], who defended the wide land, finally did not learn fully—we fought—, where the Norwegians protected Haraldr with the war-shield in olden times; the raven got plenty of carrion at dawn before the mouth of the Nissan.


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