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Runic Dictionary

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Sö 281 (Sö281) - Strängnäs, Domkyrkan

inscription; date not specified;

Sweden: Södermanland
Location: Strängnäs, Domkyrkan, Svartlösa hd, Södermanland, Sweden;
Swedish map: X:1569842 Y:6584516
Google maps: 59.3756,17.0332
RAÄ: Strängnäs 123:1

Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: Sö 281 
place: Strängnäs domkyrka 
parish: Strängnäs 
placement: Inmurad i västra gaveln. 
coordinates: 6584516:1569842 
original place?: nej 
new coords:  
RAÄ number: 123 [objektid=10037001230001] 
rune types:  
cross form:  
style group: Pr2 
material/object: fragment av runsten, gnejs 
other: Avslutande och inledande ... inlagda efter plansch 139. 
reference: SRI 3 s. 247 
image link:  
rune text: ...(a)lui : lit * kira : kubl : ifti... ... burþur : ulfs * þiʀ * a(u)... ... (m)iþ * ikuari : o : sirk*la(t)... 
old west norse: ...vé lét gera kuml epti[r] ... bróður Ulfs. Þeir au[str]/au[starla] ... með Ingvari á Serkland[i]. 
original language: let gærva kumbl æfti[R] ... broður Ulfs. ÞæiR au[str]/au[starla] ... með Ingvari a Særkland[i]. 
english: ...-vé had the monument made in memory of ... Ulfr's brother. They in / to the east ... with Ingvarr in Serkland.  
User-contributed fields:
references to women (MZ):  
magic category (CO):  
magic attitude (CO): neutral 
invocation to (DD):  
object (PC):  
material (PC):  
object/material translation (PC):  

other readings/interpretations

Nottingham rune dictionary words: a - austarla - austr - broðir - g(i)ær(v)a - kum(b)l - lata - með(r) - sa(r) - æftir


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