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This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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1. ulfr (noun m.)


ONP (prose citations):70725694
SkP: 74127911
Malfong.is (prose):01392394

forms: olfs, úlfum, ulfs, ulfr, ulfuʀ, Úlfar m sg, Úlfi dat m sg, Úlfs gen m sg, Úlfur nom m sg, úlfs, úlfur, Úlfum, Ulfs, Ulfa, Ulfr, ulf*, Ulf, Úlf, vlfinn, vlfrinn, vlfriɴ, vlfe, vlfsins, vlfaɴa, vlfz, vlfar, Vlfiɴ, vlfiɴ, Vlfrinn, vlfinvm, Vlfriɴ, vlfvm, vlf, ulfar, ulfui, ulfsins, ulfe, vlfnvm, ulfa, ulf, ulfi, vlfs, úlfar, vlfr, vlfum, úlfa, úlfi, úlfr, úlf, Wlf, Úlfr, vlfi, vlfſ, vlf, vlfa, vlfom, ulfum

Anon Eirm 7I l. 4: ulfr ‘wolf’
Anon Gyð 1VII l. 6: ulfs ‘wolf’
Anon Krm 18VIII l. 3: úlfa ‘wolves’
Anon Krm 19VIII l. 7: úlfi ‘the wolf’
Anon Mhkv 5III l. 3: úlf ‘a wolf’
Anon Pl 14VII l. 4: ulf ‘of wolf’
Anon Pl 43VII l. 8: ulfs ‘of the wolf’
Anon Pl 47VII l. 6: ulf ‘the wolf’
Anon Sól 20VII l. 3: olfs ‘olfr’s’
Anon Sól 31VII l. 1: Úlfum ‘wolves’
Arn Hryn 5II l. 5: ulfa ‘of wolves’
Arn Hryn 7II l. 2: ulfa ‘of wolves’
Arn Magndr 11II l. 2: ulfa ‘wolves’’
Arn Þorfdr 9II l. 1: Ulfs ‘on the wolf’s’
Arn Þorfdr 13II l. 8: ulfr ‘wolf’
Arn Þorfdr 18II l. 7: ulfar ‘wolves’
Balti Sigdr 3II l. 2: ulfr ‘the wolf’
Bjbp Jóms 31I l. 3: úlfr ‘the wolf’
Bragi Rdr 9III l. 7: ulfs ‘of a wolf [Fenrir]’
ESk Geisl 25VII l. 6: ulfs ‘of the wolf’
ESk Hardr I 1II l. 6: ulf ‘wolf’
ESk Sigdr I 3II l. 6 [variant]: ulf ‘’
Edáð Banddr 1I l. 7: ulf ‘the wolf’
Eskál Lv 2aI l. 2: ulfs ‘the wolf’s’
Eskál Lv 2aI l. 2 [variant]: ulf ‘’
HSn Magndr 1III l. 4: ulfr ‘the wolf’
HSt Rst 6I l. 7: ulfar ‘the wolves’
Hfr ErfÓl 25I l. 1: ulfa ‘of wolves’
Hfr Óldr 6I l. 3: ulfa ‘of wolves’
Hildr Lv 1I l. 5: ulf ‘a wolvish enemy’
Ill Har 2II l. 1: ulfa ‘of wolves’
Ív Sig 26II l. 7: ulfs ‘of the wolf’
Kolli Ingdr 5II l. 5: Ulfs ‘of the wolf’
Ótt Knútdr 8I l. 6: ulfs ‘the wolf’s’
Ótt Knútdr 11I l. 4: ulfs ‘wolf’s’
Ótt Óldr 4III l. 3: ulfr ‘the wolf’
RvHbreiðm Hl 22III l. 8: ulfs ‘the wolf’s’
RvHbreiðm Hl 42III l. 8: ulfr ‘the wolf’
RvHbreiðm Hl 70III l. 5: ulfs ‘of the wolf’
Sigv Austv 5I l. 7: ulfi ‘a wolf’
Sigv Austv 20I l. 1 [variant]: ulfs ‘’
Sigv Austv 20I l. 1 [variant]: ulf ‘’
Sigv Berv 9II l. 7: Ulfa ‘Ulve’
Sigv Víkv 1I l. 8: ulfs ‘the wolf’s’
Sigv Víkv 7I l. 3: Ulf ‘Ulfcytel’s’
SnSt Ht 3III l. 1: Úlfs ‘of the wolf’s’
SnSt Ht 11III l. 1: úlfum ‘for the wolves’
Steinn Óldr 7II l. 7: Ulfs ‘Úlfr’s’
Steinn Úlffl 1II l. 2: Ulfr ‘Úlfr’
Sturl Hákkv 10II l. 11: úlfa ‘of the wolves’
Sturl Hryn 9II l. 5: úlfa ‘the wolves’
Sturl Hryn 11II l. 8: úlfr ‘wolf’
ÞHjalt Lv 1I l. 7: ulfa ‘wolves’
ÞKolb Eirdr 14I l. 8: Ulf ‘Ulf’
ÞSjár Róðdr 1I l. 8: ulfr ‘the wolf’
Þhorn Harkv 8I l. 7: ulf ‘wolf’
Þhorn Harkv 21I l. 1: Ulf ‘wolf’
Þjóð Haustl 2III l. 2: ulfr ‘The wolf’
Þjóð Haustl 8III l. 4: ulfs ‘of the wolf’
Þjóð Yt 7I l. 6: Ulfs ‘of the Wolf’
ÞjóðA Magnfl 5II l. 2: Ulfs ‘Úlfr’s’
ÞjóðA Sex 4II l. 4: ulfs ‘on the wolf’s’
ÞjóðA Sex 31II l. 2: ulf* ‘the wolf’
ǪrvOdd Lv 32VIII (Ǫrv 69) l. 3: úlfi ‘a wolf’
Anon (HSig) 8II l. 7: ulfs ‘the wolf’s’
StarkSt Vík 23VIII (Gautr 31) l. 5: Úlfr ‘Úlfr’
StarkSt Vík 33VIII (Gautr 41) l. 6: úlf ‘wolf’
Þul Vargs 1III l. 1: ulfr ‘he-wolf’
SnSt Lv 6III l. 2: úlf ‘of the wolf’
Rv Lv 33III l. 2: ulf ‘wolf’
ÞjJ Lv 2VIII (ÞJ 2) l. 5: Úlfr ‘the wolf’

Anon Gyð 1VII, l. 6: ulfsfæðendum ‘wolf-feeders’
Anon Pl 14VII, l. 4: ulfvíns ‘of wolf-wine’
Anon Pl 47VII, l. 6: ulfgœðendr ‘the wolf-feeders’
Anon Sól 20VII, l. 3: Vígolfs ‘Vígolfr’s’
ESk Hardr I 1II, l. 6: ulfnistanda ‘wolf-feeder’
ESk Sigdr I 3II, l. 6: ulfnestir ‘’
Edáð Banddr 1I, l. 7: ulfteitir ‘the wolf-gladdener’
Sigv Berv 9II, l. 7: Ulfasundum ‘Ulvesundet’
Sigv Víkv 7I, l. 3: Ulfkels ‘Ulfcytel’s’
ÞKolb Eirdr 14I, l. 8: Ulfkell ‘Ulfcytel’
Þhorn Harkv 8I, l. 7: ulfheðnar ‘wolf-skins [berserks]’
Þhorn Harkv 21I, l. 1: Ulfheðnar ‘wolf-skins’
StarkSt Vík 33VIII (Gautr 41), l. 6: úlfgrátt ‘wolf-grey’
SnSt Lv 6III, l. 2: úlfseðjandi ‘Feeder {of the wolf’
Rv Lv 33III, l. 2: ulfbrynndum ‘wolf-waterers’

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