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sund (noun n.)

‘sound, strait; swimming’

ONP (prose citations):103721868
SkP: 60127911
Malfong.is (prose):1311392394

forms: sundi, sund n sg, sundið n sg, sundsins, sundum, sutuma, sunti, sund*, Sund, sunndz, sunz, svndit, sundit, svɴdit, svndz, svnd, svndi, sunnd, sundin acc n pl, sundinn, sunda, Svnd, svnð, saunnd, sundinu dat n sg, sundz, sundít, syndi, sunnz, sunðet, sundom, sunnde, sunndi, sunndit, svndin, sundzsíns, sunds, sundi, ſvndit, ſvnd, ſvndi, ſvndæ

Anon Heil 23VII l. 6: sundi ‘fjord’
Anon Leið 5VII l. 4: sunda ‘channels’
Anon Nkt 25II l. 16: sundi ‘sund’
Anon Óldr 17I l. 6: sund ‘of the sea’
Anon Pl 17VII l. 4: sunda ‘of channels’
Anon Pl 36VII l. 3: sunds ‘of the sound’
Anon Pl 38VII l. 3: sunds ‘of the channel’
Bersi Lv 1I l. 1: sunda ‘of the bays’
Bjbp Jóms 35I l. 2: sundi ‘the sound’
ESk Geisl 31VII l. 8: sundi ‘Strait’
ESk Geisl 55VII l. 6: sunda ‘of the bays’
ESk Run 10II l. 1: sund ‘the sea’
ESk Lv 6II l. 2: sundi ‘the straits’
Edáð Banddr 7I l. 3: sundi ‘the sound’
Eskál Vell 6I l. 8 [variant]: sund ‘’
Eskál Vell 7I l. 3 [variant]: sund ‘’
Eskál Vell 28I l. 5: Sund ‘of the channel’
Gsind Hákdr 6I l. 8: sunda ‘of the inlets’
GunnLeif Merl II 1VIII (Bret 1) l. 2: sund ‘of the channel’
GunnLeif Merl II 17VIII (Bret 17) l. 2: sund ‘sound’
GunnLeif Merl II 31VIII (Bret 31) l. 2: sund ‘of the sea’
Hallv Knútdr 1III l. 2: sunds ‘of the sound’
Hallv Knútdr 3III l. 8: sund ‘sea’
Hár Lv 1I l. 6: sundi ‘’
Hfr ErfÓl 5I l. 2: sunda ‘of sounds’
Hfr ErfÓl 16I l. 8: sunds ‘of the sea’
Hfr ErfÓl 24I l. 3: sundi ‘sound’
Hfr Óldr 6I l. 2 [variant]: sund ‘’
Hókr Eirfl 1I l. 3 [variant]: sunds ‘’
Ív Sig 41II l. 8: sunds ‘swimming’
Kolb Jónv 3VII l. 4: sund ‘of strait’
Kolb Jónv 5VII l. 4: sunds ‘of the sound’
Máni Lv 1II l. 7: sundi ‘the sea’
Oddi Lv 3II l. 3: sunda ‘of straits’
Ólhv Hryn 4II l. 6: sunda ‘of the seas’
Ótt Hfl 4I l. 6: sund ‘the sea’
Rv Lv 21II l. 7: sundi ‘the strait’
Rv Lv 22II l. 7: sundi ‘the strait’
RvHbreiðm Hl 27III l. 3: sunda ‘of the seas’
RvHbreiðm Hl 32III l. 4: sundi ‘the sea’
Sigv Austv 9I l. 8: sundi ‘sea’
Sigv Berv 9II l. 7: sundum ‘sundet’
Sigv Nesv 1I l. 6: sund* ‘the sea’
Sigv Nesv 2I l. 8 [variant]: sundi ‘’
Sigv Nesv 11I l. 5: sunda ‘of the sounds’
Sigv Nesv 11I l. 5 [variant]: sundi ‘’
Sigv Víkv 1I l. 2: sundi ‘sea’
Sigv Víkv 15I l. 4: sundi ‘sund’
Sigv Víkv 15I l. 2 [variant]: sund ‘’
SnSt Ht 60III l. 8: sund ‘sea’
Steinn Nizv 2II l. 8: sunda ‘of the sea’
Steinn Óldr 8II l. 3: sund ‘inlets’
Sturl Hryn 6II l. 4: sundi ‘sund’
Þloft Tøgdr 3I l. 8: sund ‘sund’
Tindr Hákdr 3I l. 5 [variant]: sundi ‘’
Anon (FoGT) 14III l. 5: sundum ‘channels’
Anon (Ragn) 6VIII (Ragn 36) l. 6: sundi ‘the sound’
ǪrvOdd Ævdr 26VIII (Ǫrv 96) l. 2: sundi ‘the sound’
ǪrvOdd Ævdr 50VIII (Ǫrv 120) l. 8: sunds ‘away’
ǪrvOdd Ævdr 66VIII (Ǫrv 136) l. 6: sunds ‘in swimming’
Anon Brúðv 14VII l. 2: sunda ‘of the straits’
Þul Sjóvar 2III l. 1: Sund ‘Sound’
Hharð Gamv 4II l. 4: sund ‘swimming’

Anon Óldr 17I, l. 6: sundvargs ‘of the sea-wolf’
Eskál Vell 6I, l. 8: etjusund ‘of aggression’
Eskál Vell 7I, l. 3: sundfjarðar ‘fjord’
Eskál Vell 28I, l. 5: Sundfaxa ‘of the channel-horses’
GunnLeif Merl II 1VIII (Bret 1), l. 2: sundbáls ‘of the channel-fire’
GunnLeif Merl II 17VIII (Bret 17), l. 2: sunddýr ‘sound-animals’
GunnLeif Merl II 31VIII (Bret 31), l. 2: sundraukn ‘the draught animals of the sea’
Hallv Knútdr 3III, l. 8: sundviggs ‘sea-horse’
Hár Lv 1I, l. 6: Eyrarsundi ‘the Øresund’
Kolb Jónv 3VII, l. 4: sundhyrs ‘of strait-fire’
Ótt Hfl 4I, l. 6: sundvarpaði ‘the sea-thrower’
Sigv Berv 9II, l. 7: Ulfasundum ‘Ulvesundet’
SnSt Ht 60III, l. 8: fólksund ‘the battle-sea’
Sturl Hryn 6II, l. 4: Mostrarsundi ‘Mostrarsund’

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index entries (as compounds):
• Mostrarsund (Mostrarsund - unidentified p. n. in northern Hal)
• Torrsundet (Torrsundet, Kållands hd, Västergötland, Sweden)

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