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2. herja (verb)

‘harry, ravage’

ONP (prose citations):59727571
SkP: 20127911
Malfong.is (prose):2281392394

forms: herðu, herjaða, herjuð, Herja, Herjar, Herjaði, Herjuðu pl 3rd pret, herjar sg 3rd pres, herjað nom n sg pret, herjaði sg 3rd pret, herji, herjuðu pl 3rd pret, herjuðust, Herðu, herjat, herjuðum, herja, heri

Anon Nkt 44II l. 4: herja ‘harry’
Bkrepp Magndr 6II l. 1: herjat ‘harried’
Edáð Banddr 4I l. 7: herjat ‘raided’
Eskál Vell 14I l. 3: herjuð ‘the harried’
Eskál Vell 30I l. 3: herja ‘harry’
HSt Rst 3I l. 6: herjat ‘harried’
Hókr Eirfl 1I l. 5 [variant]: herja ‘’
Sigv Knútdr 6I l. 7: herjaða ‘ravaged’
Sigv Nesv 8I l. 1 [variant]: herja ‘’
Steinn Nizv 3II l. 5: Herðu ‘intensified’
Sturl Hrafn 14II l. 1: Herðu ‘intensified’
Sturl Hryn 7II l. 5: herjat ‘raided’
ÞKolb Eirdr 8I l. 1 [variant]: herjat ‘’
Valg Har 7II l. 1: herjat ‘ravaged’
Anon (TGT) 23III l. 2: herja ‘raid’
Mágj Lv 1VIII (Mág 1) l. 8: herja ‘fighting’
ǪrvOdd Lv 23VIII (Ǫrv 56) l. 2: herjat ‘harried’
Hróksv Hrkv 3VIII (Hálf 53) l. 7: herjuðum ‘harried’
Hróksv Hrkv 18VIII (Hálf 68) l. 6: herja ‘harrying’
Gyðja Lv 5VIII (Ǫrv 66) l. 6: herja ‘to harry’
ÞjóðA Magn 9II l. 5: herja ‘go ravaging’


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