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Dictionary headwords relevant to the editions

This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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heiðinn (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):26728070
SkP: 36127911 (prose):341392394

forms: heiðnar, heiðnir, Heiðið, heiðinnar, heiðið, heiðinar, Heiðinn, Heiðin, Heiðit, Heiðnir, heiþnir, heidinar, heiþen, heidnir, heidit, heidet, heiðit, hæiðrnum, heiðnir nom m pl, heidín, heiþna, heiðinna gen pl, héiþner, heíþnom, heiþner, héiþnom, heinir, heiþnom, hædnir, hęiþna, hæiðin, heidinn, heiþnar, hæiðit, heidnar, heiþinn, heiþit, heidin, heiþne, heiþin, hæidit, heiðins, hæiðnum, hæidenvm, heiþiɴ, heidinna, heiðnari, heiðin, heiðnom, Hæiðnar, heidnum, heidnv, hæiðnu, heídín, heiðnum dat, heiðrnum, heidna, heidinskv, heidnj, heidenni, heþnom, heiþno, hæiðnar, hæidnum, heidinnar, héiþeɴ, hæiðrnar, hæið[r]nar, heidnvm, heid[inn], hæidnu, heidins, heiðni m sg, hedín, heidenna, heid⟨n⟩er, heiþnu, hæiðrnu, heiðnv, hæidins, heıþna, heıþnu, heıþno, heıþın̅, heiðna, heiðnu, heiðnu, heiðinn

Anon Hsv 1VII l. 5: heiðinn ‘a heathen’
Kálf Kátr 13VII l. 6: heiðna ‘heathen’
Kálf Kátr 20VII l. 7: heiðnir ‘heathen’
Kálf Kátr 31VII l. 6: heiðins ‘the heathen’
Kálf Kátr 35VII l. 1: heiðinn ‘heathen’
Anon Leið 18VII l. 6: heiðit ‘The heathen’
Anon Mey 18VII l. 4: heiðnum ‘to a heathen’
Anon Mey 30VII l. 6: heiðnum ‘heathen’
Anon Mey 41VII l. 8: heiðnum ‘heathen’
Anon Óldr 7I l. 5: heiðinn ‘the heathen’
Anon Óldr 15I l. 8: heiðnir ‘heathen’
Anon Pl 8VII l. 4: heiðinn ‘heathen’
Anon Pl 19VII l. 1: heiðnum ‘the heathen’
Anon Pl 30VII l. 7: heiðna ‘from the heathen’
Anon Pl 41VII l. 3: heiðins ‘of the heathen’
Anon Sól 60VII l. 4: heiðnar ‘heathen’
Arn Hryn 12II l. 6: heiðit ‘The heathen’
ESk Geisl 28VII l. 8: heiðnar ‘the heathen’
Eskál Vell 29I l. 4 [variant]: heiðins ‘’
Anon Lil 4VII l. 2 [variant]: heiðnum ‘’
Eyv Hák 21I l. 5: heiðin ‘the heathen’
GunnLeif Merl I 3VIII (Bret 71) l. 7: heiðin ‘heathen’
GunnLeif Merl I 5VIII (Bret 73) l. 5: heiðni ‘heathen’
GunnLeif Merl I 21VIII (Bret 89) l. 6: heiðnu ‘heathen’
HSt Rst 7I l. 5: Heiðinn ‘The heathen’
HSt Rst 9I l. 4: heiðin ‘the heathen’
Hskv Útdr 5II l. 4: heiðins ‘deeds’
Hskv Útdr 8II l. 4: heiðit ‘the heathen’
Hskv Útdr 11II l. 1: heiðna ‘the heathen’
Mark Eirdr 19II l. 1: Heiðinn ‘The heathen’
Mark Eirdr 20II l. 1: Heiðin ‘The heathen’
Sigv Austv 4I l. 7: heiðnir ‘the heathen’
Sigv Austv 5I l. 4: heiðin ‘heathen’
Sigv Austv 5I l. 4 [variant]: heiðnir ‘’
Sigv Austv 5I l. 4 [variant]: heiðinn ‘’
Sigv Lv 19I l. 3: heiðnum ‘heathen’
Þhorn Harkv 8I l. 7 [variant]: heiðnar ‘’
Tindr Hákdr 7I l. 7: heiðins ‘of heathen’

Þhorn Harkv 8I, l. 7: ulfheiðnar ‘wolf’

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