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2. gildr (adj.)

‘valued at, worth’

ONP (prose citations):135727569
SkP: 11127911
Malfong.is (prose):491392394

forms: gildr, gildri, gildastir, gildur nom m sg, gilt, gildastur nom m sg, gilltt, gilldaste, gilldir, gillda, gillt, gild nom f sg, gilldann, gilldazta, gilldr, gilldur, gillder, gilldan, gildan, gilldar, gilldri, gilda, gilldre, gildar, gildæn, gildi, gilldom, gilld, Gillt, gillðr, gildum, gildir, gildrar, gilldz, gilldt, gildz, gilldum, gilldari, gildari nom, gilldara, gilldazti, gildastr, gilldazdi, gilldaztr, gilldazstir, gilldazste, gildasti nom m sg, gildastan, gildastu

Kálf Kátr 20VII l. 4: gildum ‘thick’
Anon Mhkv 13III l. 2: gildri ‘great’
Anon Pét 5VII l. 4: gildan ‘the excellent’
Anon Pét 43VII l. 3: gildan ‘the excellent [man]’
Anon Lil 74VII l. 7: gild ‘a magnificent’
Glúmr Gráf 1I l. 2 [variant]: gild ‘’
Gsind Hákdr 6I l. 4 [variant]: gildan ‘’
KormǪ Sigdr 7III l. 1: gildan ‘the excellent’
RvHbreiðm Hl 11III l. 4: gildr ‘splendid’
Sigv Nesv 4I l. 3 [variant]: gildrar ‘’
Sigv Nesv 4I l. 3 [variant]: gildar ‘’

KormǪ Sigdr 7III, l. 1: Algildan ‘the excellent’
RvHbreiðm Hl 11III, l. 4: algildr ‘thoroughly splendid’

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