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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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image of AM 544 4° folio <52v>

other images:
AM 544 4°, 52v (b301dpi)
AM 544 4°, 52v (d420dpi)

GunnLeif Merl I 76VIII (Bret 144) (1-2)
    ‘Þá munu á foldu’
GunnLeif Merl I 77VIII (Bret 145) (2-4)
    ‘Verðr at blóði’
GunnLeif Merl I 78VIII (Bret 146) (4-5)
    ‘Sjá þessi rǫk’
GunnLeif Merl I 79VIII (Bret 147) (5-6)
    ‘Kømr árgalli’
GunnLeif Merl I 80VIII (Bret 148) (6-8)
    ‘Kømr kaupskapar’
GunnLeif Merl I 81VIII (Bret 149) (8-9)
    ‘Mun hans brjóst vesa’
GunnLeif Merl I 82VIII (Bret 150) (9-11)
    ‘Falla ór orða’
GunnLeif Merl I 83VIII (Bret 151) (11-12)
    ‘Upp renn síðan,’
GunnLeif Merl I 84VIII (Bret 152) (12-14)
    ‘Kømr þar af lœgi’
GunnLeif Merl I 85VIII (Bret 153) (14-15)
    ‘Hylja þeir alla’
GunnLeif Merl I 86VIII (Bret 154) (15-17)
    ‘Ok hann síðan þekr’
GunnLeif Merl I 87VIII (Bret 155) (17-18)
    ‘Þá mun illingar’
GunnLeif Merl I 88VIII (Bret 156) (18-19)
    ‘Ok á hans dǫgum’
GunnLeif Merl I 89VIII (Bret 157) (19-21)
    ‘Ok Ránar vegr’
GunnLeif Merl I 90VIII (Bret 158) (21-22)
    ‘Munu Bádónis’
GunnLeif Merl I 91VIII (Bret 159) (22-23)
    ‘Verðr tuttugu’
GunnLeif Merl I 92VIII (Bret 160) (24-25)
    ‘Munu kaps mǫnnum’
GunnLeif Merl I 93VIII (Bret 161) (25-26)
    ‘Hér munk létta’
GunnLeif Merl I 94VIII (Bret 162) (26-28)
    ‘Þau eru ǫnnur ljóð’
GunnLeif Merl I 95VIII (Bret 163) (28-30)
    ‘Viti bragnar þat,’
GunnLeif Merl I 96VIII (Bret 164) (30-31)
    ‘Lesi salma spjǫll,’
GunnLeif Merl I 97VIII (Bret 165) (31-33)
    ‘Virði engi’
GunnLeif Merl I 98VIII (Bret 166) (33-35)
    ‘Segir Dáníel’
GunnLeif Merl I 99VIII (Bret 167) (35-36)
    ‘Rekr enn dýri’
GunnLeif Merl I 100VIII (Bret 168) (36-2)
    ‘Hirtisk hǫlðar’

prose text:


scan of black and white photograph - 300 dpi (full size | medium size | magnifier)

© Den Arnamagnæanske Samling. Reproduced from the AM photograph library with permission.

AM 544 4°, 52v (b300dpi)
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