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image of AM 544 4° folio <50v>

other images:
AM 544 4°, 50v (b301dpi)
AM 544 4°, 50v (d420dpi)

GunnLeif Merl II 50VIII (Bret 50) (1-2)
    ‘Langt es at tína’
GunnLeif Merl II 51VIII (Bret 51) (2-3)
    ‘Verðr á foldu,’
GunnLeif Merl II 52VIII (Bret 52) (3-5)
    ‘Þá munu gleymask’
GunnLeif Merl II 53VIII (Bret 53) (5-6)
    ‘Hagr gerisk hǫlða’
GunnLeif Merl II 54VIII (Bret 54) (6-8)
    ‘Verst es í heimi,’
GunnLeif Merl II 55VIII (Bret 55) (8-9)
    ‘Hǫfugt es at heyra’
GunnLeif Merl II 56VIII (Bret 56) (9-11)
    ‘Mun et hvíta silfr’
GunnLeif Merl II 57VIII (Bret 57) (11-12)
    ‘Lifir en danska’
GunnLeif Merl II 58VIII (Bret 58) (12-14)
    ‘En grund ept þat’
GunnLeif Merl II 59VIII (Bret 59) (14-15)
    ‘Ok þar á hlýrni’
GunnLeif Merl II 60VIII (Bret 60) (15-17)
    ‘Sumar sœkjask at’
GunnLeif Merl II 61VIII (Bret 61) (17-18)
    ‘Geisar geimi,’
GunnLeif Merl II 62VIII (Bret 62) (18-19)
    ‘Væri mart’
GunnLeif Merl II 63VIII (Bret 63) (19-20)
    ‘Þó hefk sagt’
GunnLeif Merl II 64VIII (Bret 64) (21-21)
    ‘Sé við synð’
GunnLeif Merl II 65VIII (Bret 65) (22-23)
    ‘Skrjúpt es líf’
GunnLeif Merl II 66VIII (Bret 66) (23-24)
    ‘Gleðjumk ǫll’
GunnLeif Merl II 67VIII (Bret 67) (24-25)
    ‘Biðjum opt’
GunnLeif Merl II 68VIII (Bret 68) (25-26)
    ‘Ok herþarfr’
GunnLeif Merl I 1VIII (Bret 69) (27-28)
    ‘Nú skalk flotnum’
GunnLeif Merl I 2VIII (Bret 70) (28-29)
    ‘Jǫrð vas forðum’
GunnLeif Merl I 3VIII (Bret 71) (30-31)
    ‘Ok láð þeira’
GunnLeif Merl I 4VIII (Bret 72) (31-32)
    ‘Es áttbogi’
GunnLeif Merl I 5VIII (Bret 73) (32-34)
    ‘En hers jaðarr’
GunnLeif Merl I 6VIII (Bret 74) (34-1)
    ‘En hertogi’

prose text:


scan of black and white photograph - 300 dpi

© Den Arnamagnæanske Samling. Reproduced from the AM photograph library with permission.

AM 544 4°, 50v (b300dpi)
Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated