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Runic Dictionary

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image of AM 462 4°x folio <96v>

other images:
AM 462 4°, 96v (d280dpi)

Egill St 15V (Eg 86) (22-1)
    ‘Mjǫk's torfyndr,’
Egill St 16V (Eg 87) (1-2)
    ‘Finnk þat opt’
Egill St 17V (Eg 88) (2-4)
    ‘Þat's ok mælt’
Egill St 18V (Eg 89) (4-6)
    ‘Erumka þekt’
Egill St 19V (Eg 90) (6-8)
    ‘En mér fens’
Egill St 20V (Eg 91) (8-10)
    ‘Síz son minn’
Egill St 21V (Eg 92) (10-12)
    ‘Þat mank enn,’
Egill St 22V (Eg 93) (12-14)
    ‘Áttak gótt’
Egill St 23V (Eg 94) (14-16)
    ‘Blœtka því’
Egill St 24V (Eg 95) (16-18)
    ‘Gǫfumk íþrótt’
Egill St 25V (Eg 96) (18-20)
    ‘Nú erum torvelt,’

prose text:

Egils saga Skalla-Grímssonar

scan of black and white photograph - 300 dpi

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© Den Arnamagnæanske Samling. Reproduced from the AM photograph library with permission.

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